Are Institutional Investors Buying or Selling?

TweetAre Institutional Investors Buying or Selling? Conditions are up but under very high stress. Take a look at today’s chart that show’s Institutional Buying and Selling activity. Institutional Investors were in less Accumulation with Buying showing a down tick and with Selling showing a down tick. The Aggressives were in weaker Accumulation (Under pressure.) [Caution […]

Advanced Investor Update – August 3rd

TweetWe should normally be in the throes of a terrible downside.  However, if the Fed pumps in enough money today, there is a positive divergence on the NYA Index that they could kick in. The total level of money that they have added in is so large, that the market will find it difficult to […]

The Banking Index was in a very high risk up condition

TweetThe Banking Index closed at 71.03 with the C-RSI at a positive level of +8.45.  The Accelerator had an up tick while in Mid-Q1 positive territory and in a technical up trend.   The Timing Indicator was in positive territory with another up tick while its two month pattern was showing an expanding wedge.  Note […]

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TweetCheck this out: TalkMarkets is a social financial platform that allows each user to have his or her own unique interests and preferences

Protected: Advanced Investor Update – Jan. 6, 2016

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Protected: Advanced Investor Update – Dec. 24, 2015

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