Do we have a Bull or Bear Market?

Do we have a Bull or Bear Market?

If you have gone to (.net) in the past, you have seen the formula for creating a Monthly, long term Bull/Bear market chart.

This morning, I would like to post the chart and make a few comments.

The chart is below and under a lot of stress.   There is a Federal Reserve impact going on because of the Inflowing Liquidity levels.

Note what is going on with the chart:
– the monthly SPY trend lines are still trending higher.
– the MACD is showing a downside cross-over.
– the MACD is negative and slightly above a support level.
– the C-RSI strength is a strong positive.
– the Stochastic Oscillator is at the Bollinger mid-line with an up tick.

What does this all add up to?

It says that today’s market is a mixed, Up condition under a lot of stress.

The Fed will continue to dominate the market’s direction until Institutional Investors sell “as a group”.   When such a time does arrive, the Fed will not be able to match the outflow of funds.    So, at this point, hedging any long positions is a prudent idea.