The Accumulation levels on the NYA Index showing a Danger Possibility.

Danger, but Hanging on by a Thread?

Below is our tracking of Accumulation levels on the NYA Index (the NYSE Index).

The Accumulation levels on the NYA Index had a down tick that was below its red AND gray trend lines which was a Danger Possibility.

But … it was still in a mixed trending condition on the short term because it had previously breached both the upside resistance and downside support and Friday’s close was in between those two.   (If it now makes a lower/low, then it will start a down trend.)   

(Older comments:  Please look at the two labels that say “Clean” and “Choppy” on this chart.   The “Clean” label covers the Accumulation trending mostly during last November   Note how the trend rose smoothly above the trend lines.  Now look at the “Choppy” label for the time period since March.   Here you see that the Accumulation is not trending “Clean” … it is so “Choppy” that struggling activity can easily be seen.)