A Battle day on the 30 year yields and mortgages …

TweetWhile many will be focusing on the stock market today, the 30 year yields may be the battle to look at. The Fed wants to keep rates low so that mortgage rates don’t kill the housing market.   At the same time, the yield Bulls want to be compensated with higher yields for higher risk levels, […]

Is Bernanke losing control?

TweetIs Bernanke losing control? We all know the talk … Bernanke has a mission to keep long term interest and mortgage rates low.  And, low mortgage rates will be good for housing and the economy. But … is Bernanke getting into trouble relative to his ability to keep rates low? Take a look at today’s chart […]

Is it Time to be Concerned?

TweetIs it time to be Concerned? Last week, we posted an analysis of the NYSE’s daily New Highs.   Let’s continue that exploration from a different angle so we can see the long term and short term picture of the story it is trying to tell. For starters, we had made these comments about important levels […]

Rule #6: How to use a Stochastic Momentum Indicator …

TweetRecommendations on using a Stochastic Momentum Indicator … I like using the Stochastic-Momentum indicator in certain instances because it can often give you a much clearer picture than just using a Stochastic indicator. Some refer to this indicator as the SMI and they use the same trading rules as they use with the Stochastic Oscillator. […]