Are Institutional Investors exercising Caution?

TweetAre Institutional Investors exercising Caution? Take a look at last Friday’s closing on Institutional Buying and Selling.   Institutional Investors had its buying and selling trend lines almost merged while still in a small technical down trend. We need to see the trend lines have a positive or negative spread for some kind of directional strength […]

Are Institutional Investors still Selling?

TweetAre Institutional Investors still Selling? Not a whole lot has changed in a week relative to Institutional Investor Selling (see the chart below). When Institutional Investors are selling it is extremely difficult to see the market move up because they are the big guys with a lot of clout due to how much they own […]

Five important indexes and where they stand

TweetIf you are a paid subscriber, be sure to login in and see your update and message today. For free members, your update is below … Today’s update compares five important indexes and where they stand relative to each other. Basically, the Institutional Index, the SPY, and the NDX were all above their resistance lines […]

A concern going on now due to the level of Institutional Selling

TweetA Time for Caution … Here is why being careful today may be important.   Like last week, a lot of Inflowing Liquidity is coming in and pushing the market higher.  As long as that level continues to exceed net selling, then the market will be okay. However, there is a concern going on now due […]

Institutional Indecision?

TweetInstitutional Indecision? When you see the Institutional Selling starting to flip back and forth, the market is in an indecisive condition. If you look at the chart below, that is what has been going on for the past three days.   As such, it is a time to be cautious.  

A $NYA Positive condition and a Potential Problem …

TweetA Positive condition and a Potential Problem … The NYA’s tick chart looks positive with up trending going on (chart 1).   At the same time, there is a potential problem hiding in the background. What potential issue could there be? Imagine that someone is in front of you with there finger on the trigger of […]

Overlay chart comparing 5 of the main indexes together

TweetLast week we showed an overlay chart comparing many of the main indexes together.   Our comment at that time was: “There was more work to be done”. The updated chart is shown below and the comments haven’t changed as today is potentially a very dangerous day.  Note that 4 out of 5 of the indexes […]

Take a look at the main indexes relative to each other …

TweetAn Index Comparison … This morning we will take a look at the main indexes relative to each other at the close yesterday. At yesterday’s close, the Institutional Index of “core holdings”, the SPY, and the NDX/QQQ were still above their support lines. The NYA index and the IWM were below their support lines (see […]

A low VIX doesn’t typically stay low for too long.

TweetIs the VIX too Low? There is an old adage about when the VIX is too low, to be very careful … and it is now in historically low territory. Since the VIX (Volatility Index) moves opposite to the stock market, it is saying: don’t worry, everything is wonderful.   However, this hard to believe message […]

Institutional Investors core holdings now showing a double breach …

TweetWatch the Institutional Investor’s “core holdings” … The “core holdings” held by Institutional Investors are now showing a double breach and “in between” condition. A double breach of what? A double breach of its rising wedge pattern because the value of the “core holdings” has closed below and above the rising wedge’s support and resistance […]