“Money talks and those with the most money have the most control”?

TweetIs this True of False? “Money talks and those with the most money have the most control” In the Stock Market, the group with the most money are the Institutional Investors. If this is true, then you should be able to plot their daily Buying versus Selling activity and see a market trending correlation. So, […]

Institutional Selling action and direction of the market.

TweetTrue or False? – Institutional Selling action determines the short to medium term direction of the market. This morning, we decided to just give you the chart showing the data and trending of Institutional Selling.   And then … let you be the judge. Today’s chart show’s the daily action of the NYA Index versus the Institutional Selling Action and its trending. Take a […]

The Institutional Accumulation-Distribution chart and a Special …

TweetIf you recall, on Friday, we discussed how Institutional Investors had “control over the direction” of the market,   On Monday (yesterday), we discussed how (daily) Inflowing Liquidity levels are also a key element in today’s market movements. Since then, we have had a lot of requests to “see” a chart showing the daily Accumulation/Distribution levels […]

Trade effectively by just doing what Institutional Investors are doing.

TweetAre Institutional Investors in Accumulation or Distribution? We have been posting the Institutional Investor Accumulation/Distribution chart (from our Standard subscriber site) on this free member site for the past two weeks.   We will post it again today, but then refrain in posting it for a while in fairness to our paid subscribers. Here is what […]

Ribbon Charts are often very helpful …

TweetLast week, we showed a Ribbon Chart for the NYA Index (NYSE Index).   As seen in Chart 1 (posted last week), it was up trending last Tuesday.  What happened since then, and is there a Breakout Indicator for this chart?        Please see Chart 2 …. Chart 2:   This is the same chart as above, except […]

October 31st. Be SURE to see this Important Study …

TweetThis explains WHEN Institutional Investors are about to shift from Distribution to Accumulation … Question: Are Institutional Investors in Distribution now? The answer is:  Yes, but … Take a look at today’s chart and you will see that Institutional Accumulation peaked in Mid-September and has been in a down trend since then. (Institutional Investors were in Distribution during most of October.)   […]

Countdown on the VIX …

TweetCountdown on the VIX … We posted this important chart last week (and this week) … the chart on the VIX.  For those who follow the VIX, they know that it is coming to the end of a 1 year triangular pattern. When that happens, the resistance and support lines converge to the point that they merge (the resistance level […]

Coincidence or Something of Importance?

TweetCoincidence or Something of Importance? What are we talking about?   We are trying to point out the coincidence about the VIX’s pattern and the upcoming Presidential election. Take a look at the VIX’s descending triangular pattern on today’s chart. When you look at it, you will notice that the resistance and support lines intersect at a specific […]

UPDATE ON: Is the NASDAQ 100 stuck or just at a very important “testing level”?

TweetUPDATE ON: Is the NASDAQ 100 stuck or just at a very important “testing level”? Below is the updated chart as of the close yesterday … and the answer to the above question is:  “a very important testing level” is still in play. There are two important testing levels being faced at the same time […]

Selling Activity of Institutional Investors and what the market does …

TweetThere is a direct correlation between the stock market does and what Institutional Investors do here … A direct correlation with what??? The answer is that “there is a direct correlation with the Selling Activity of Institutional Investors and what the market does.   To go against what Institutional Investors are doing usually means pain and losses for individual investors. For […]