Explain this Stock Market Divergence …

TweetExplain this Stock Market Divergence … How do you explain this chart? What you are looking at above, is the daily count of NYSE New Lows.   What you should have noticed is that the New Lows have been increasing since April. That increase is showing up as an up trend in New Lows. The question […]

Latest Update: The Trending of the New Lows …

TweetUpdate on: “Watching the daily counts of NYA New Highs and New Lows is a good thing to do.” Yesterday, the New Lows count was a low count of 25 which was a huge difference from the count of 375 of the week before. That was a short term positive while the medium term was still […]

November 26th. Update: New market highs with New Lows up trending at the same time?

TweetNovember 26th. Update:  New market highs with New Lows up trending at the same time? Today’s chart show’s the updated NYSE New Lows.  The good news is that the VIX broke a support yesterday (a market positive), while the NYA New Lows did not break its thick red support line (a market negative). See the […]

May 23rd. A VIX/ NYA dog fight?

TweetToday’s Chart show’s our (updated) inverted VIX to the NYA Index.   We inverted the VIX so that it could track with the NYA. Note that I have drawn 2 red lines … one on the VIX, and the other on the NYA Index. While the VIX’s 9 day inverted trend line has moved higher (a […]

What happens if the VIX can’t go below 13.05?

TweetWhat happens if the VIX can’t go below 13.05? What is special about 13.05?  Today’s chart shows why it is a level to pay attention to. First, we inverted the VIX portion of the chart so that it tracks in the same direction as the NYA Index.  Pay attention to the two solid red lines on […]

Protected: Margin Debt and how Bull Markets end …

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Is this a “Warning” coming from Institutional Investors?

TweetIs this a “Warning” coming from Institutional Investors? It has always been a pretty straight forward relationship … when Institutional Selling went to a down trend, the pressure came off the market and that allowed it to rise.   When the Institutional Selling went into an up trend, their steady increase in selling caused the market […]

A Powerful, Market bias Indicator … VIX and the NYA

TweetToday’s chart is part of our Multi-Indicator Model for paid subscribers. The upper part of the chart shows our bias indicator for the Volatility Index (VIX), and the bottom part shows the NYA Index.   Note the (fast) thin red indicator on the upper graph.   Whenever it rises above its blue horizontal line and there is […]

What the Major Indexes are saying now …

TweetWhat the Major Indexes are saying now … This chart shows the popular indexes and the Institutional Index of “core holdings”.   The Institutional Index is not a “real” index, so it is not subject to market influences by the Fed or other groups. And … since the Institutional Investors own over 50% of the stock […]

Update to our Ribbon, Breakout-Indicator chart

Tweetwe will share one of our StockTiming.com Standard subscriber charts that we have been posting in the past few weeks. This particular chart was posted last Friday, and is a bar chart with a proprietary Ribbon Chart and Breakout Direction Indicator. This particular model is in our final research phase, but for now, we can say […]