Is there an addiction to QE money?

TweetIs there an addiction to QE money? Some say that “common sense” is gone and the “more” addiction is kicking in. Take a look at this 10 month chart of the NYA Index.   If you note labels 1 and 2, it shows a “double top” where the NYA Index was not able to move beyond […]

Risk levels are now elevated, see Institutional “Core Holdings” chart

TweetWe recently reported on the Institutional Index and how it was losing steam. Below is a Point & Figure chart of the aggregate “core holdings” owned by Institutional Investors.   From December of 2013 to the end of September 2014, the Institutional Index of core holdings held inside its rising channel … until October 2nd. when […]

A Reality Check … Part Two:

TweetA Reality Check … Part Two: Last week we posted a weekly DJI chart showing how the volume has dramatically shrunk.   (The update of this chart is the second chart seen below. However, this morning, we would like to show you a monthly chart of the NYA Index that goes back 14 years.  I plotted an 11 […]

Where is the balance of power now?

TweetWhere is the balance of power now? At the end of each trading day, we measure how many stocks have positive strength and how many have negative strength. We do it on the S&P 500 for two reasons.  One, is that it is regarded as the best proxy for the state of the economy by […]

Be VERY clear on “what kind of investor” you are … it REALLY matters.

TweetBe VERY clear on “what kind of investor” you are … it REALLY matters. Imagine, driving down the highway and seeing a car jump from lane-to-lane as it tries to be ahead of everyone else on the road. Now, answer these questions: 1. Is this automobile’s operator driving safely? 2. Has the odds increased for the driver having […]