This is a high Caution Condition …

TweetUPDATED:  Take a careful look at this S&P 500 chart … Today’s updated chart shows the percentage of S&P 500 stocks with a 20 day RSI at a positive or negative level.  (Remember that, on a standard RSI indicator, it is really Neutral when the RSI is at a level of 50.   Above 50 would […]

A Reality Check … Part Two:

TweetA Reality Check … Part Two: Last week we posted a weekly DJI chart showing how the volume has dramatically shrunk.   (The update of this chart is the second chart seen below. However, this morning, we would like to show you a monthly chart of the NYA Index that goes back 14 years.  I plotted an 11 […]

Protected: Bollinger Bands

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How strong is the Stock Market now? (Current Update.)

TweetHow strong is the Stock Market now?   (Current Update.) Today’s chart gives you the answer to this important question. Take a quick look at the chart below, and you see two important conditions on our 30 day C-RSI Indicator. 1. The Strength on the New York Stock Exchange is still in Negative territory. 2.  The Strength is still below its 30 day […]

Gold’s critical junction has arrived …

TweetToday, we will look at what is happening to Gold on the GLD (ETF). Today’s 1 year chart shows the three basic up moves that GLD has had during the past year. GLD is once again coming to a critical area where it needs to decide if it will break out and run to new […]

A strong NYSE Index …

TweetA strong NYSE Index … The NYSE Index is an exceptionally important index to follow because of its size, composition, the fact that it embodies so many program trades, and because of the focused activity coming from Institutional Investors. So, what the NYSE Index is doing, how it is trending, and how strong it is […]

Protected: Divergences ARE Important

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