April 11th. Watch your Bollinger Bands …

TweetWhen you look at an old fashion pendulum clock you know that it swings from one extreme to the next.  Each time it reaches an extreme it moves back down to normality (the bottom center of the swing) and then overshoots it until the next extreme. The pendulum extremes are like being above or below […]

Will the SPY make it past this 44 Week Resistance Level?

TweetWill the SPY make it past this 44 Week Resistance Level? That will be “THE question” within the next 10 trading days. Specifically, here is the real question: Will the SPY be able to rise above its 2008 to 2012 resistance line seen on its weekly chart (posted daily on www.StockTiming.com’s Standard Update)? That chart […]

Will the market stay safe or get into trouble this week?

TweetWill the market stay safe or get into trouble this week? One of the daily research data sets we calculate every night is from a computer run on every stock on the S&P 500 index. During that analysis, we measure the Strength levels of each stock and do a count of how many had positive […]

Be aware of these conflicting conditions in the Market…

TweetAre there Mixed signals coming from the market? Jesse Livermore stated a very simple concept back in the 1930’s.    He said that the market was all about money flows.   If the money flowing into the market was net positive, then the market would move higher … and, if the money flowing out of the market […]

12/20 After the S&P Breach, What’s Next?

TweetImportant support levels at 1230.59 to 1227 were breached … now what? Today’s graph is an update of last week’s S&P 500’s action for 2011. The bottom line for last Tuesday’s update was that the S&P 500 was at the point of testing its 1230.59 to 1227 support levels.   As you know by now, the […]

Important S&P 500 support levels …

TweetImportant support levels at 1230.59 to 1227 … Today’s graph shows the S&P 500’s action for 2011.   Our C-RSI indicator in red measures the strength of the underlying index. I should say that it is measuring the strength of the market on this chart because the S&P 500 is regarded as the best index for depicting the condition […]

The VIX, the 26 level and a gap closed. What does it mean?

TweetFYI … Last Friday’s (Dec. 2nd) comments are below for reference, and are followed by today’s (Dec. 9th) updated comments below that with the current updated chart.   See below for the current VIX number we need to avoid in order to not have trouble on Monday morning. ________________________________________________________ December 2nd. commentary: What becomes more dangerous when it is […]

Trouble in China, and Trouble for U.S. Banks?

TweetTrouble in China, and Trouble for U.S. Banks?  Our country’s top Banks and Financial institutions were downgraded yesterday. Stocks included in the downgrade were: BAC, JPM, WFC, C, MS, and GS. But at 7:16 AM this morning, the futures were indicating that ALL of them were showing a pre-market rise in their values. Does this […]

New Market action is right around the corner …

TweetIf we were to get a Santa Claus rally … How high could it go? The answer can be found on today’s chart as seen below … First, notice that the SPY has a symmetrical triangular pattern that is very close to its apex (the convergence of its support and resistance lines).   Being close to […]

New Lows and Institutional Accumulation behavior ….

TweetAre Institutional Investors panicking? The answer from the current level of NYSE New Lows is suggesting that Institutional Investors are not panicking. I have spoken about what levels to look for on this indicator, and since we are still receiving requests for them, here they are again: (Chart is posted daily on www.StockTiming.com’s Standard Update) […]