July 3rd, 2018

TweetToday’s update tells us a very important thing.    Everyone has “different rules” for creating a new trend line, while the price direction is supposed to change at the same time. There should be one simple way to determine if a trend line has changed and if a new trend line is in play. Here […]

Dangerous Index conditions?

TweetFive key indexes and their action …  We are now in a very high stress condition.  The Institutional Index, the SPY, and the NDX./QQQ, were above their  horizontal resistance lines.    The NYA and the IWM were below their horizontal resistance lines.  The negative?  The Institutional Index, the NDX/QQQ and the SPY were all trending […]

Is the VIX saying to exercise Caution?

TweetIs the VIX saying to exercise Caution? Last week we commented that investors should remain on the Cautious side as this could be a Danger condition on the VIX.  We further commented that the fan resistance lines (on the VIX) have continued to move further out and that this could be an escalating issue developing,  […]

What is happening with Inflowing Liquidity?

TweetGood improvements came in on the levels of Inflowing Liquidity last Friday as seen on today’s chart.  While at an oversold level, the market had an increase in the amount of net inflowing liquidity. So, we did see an improvement in the Liquidity with the up tick taking it back into the (red) triangular area.   […]

Watch the VIX?

TweetWatch the VIX? The VIX closed at 26.05 yesterday.   It was a down tick and since the VIX moves opposite to the stock market, many investors were happy. However, notice the red support line we drew, and notice how the VIX has been moving above this support line.   The movement describes an up trend and until […]

What is the VIX doing?

TweetWhat is the VIX doing? Short term down trending while holding a support level. Last week we commented that the VIX was not a slam dunk.  This week the VIX is still holding a medium term up trend (higher/highs and higher/lows on a closing basis), so this is a potentially dangerous condition.  (Don’t forget that […]

Consolidation on the Banking Index?

Tweet  Banks … like them or not, they are a necessary part of any economy. When they get into trouble, the stock market gets very upset and typically goes down. So … what is going on with the Banking Index ($BKX) now? As today’s chart shows, the index is showing sideways consolidation due to the […]

Are Institutional Investors exercising Caution?

TweetAre Institutional Investors exercising Caution? Take a look at last Friday’s closing on Institutional Buying and Selling.   Institutional Investors had its buying and selling trend lines almost merged while still in a small technical down trend. We need to see the trend lines have a positive or negative spread for some kind of directional strength […]

The discrepancies from the NYA and IWM are a concern.

TweetNot much improvement? I guess that’s what you could say when you look at a chart of the major indexes overlaid on each other. On the chart below, the Institutional Index, the SPY, and the NDX were all above their resistance lines. The exceptions were the NYA and the IWM which were still below their resistance […]

Five important indexes and where they stand

TweetIf you are a paid subscriber, be sure to login in and see your update and message today. For free members, your update is below … Today’s update compares five important indexes and where they stand relative to each other. Basically, the Institutional Index, the SPY, and the NDX were all above their resistance lines […]