July 3rd, 2018

TweetToday’s update tells us a very important thing.    Everyone has “different rules” for creating a new trend line, while the price direction is supposed to change at the same time. There should be one simple way to determine if a trend line has changed and if a new trend line is in play. Here […]

Protected: The old 70-20-10 Rule of Thumb.

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The VIX and Danger levels …

TweetThe VIX and Danger levels … The VIX reflects danger and optimism … and it also referred to as the “Fear Index”. We have just come through some concerning market action, and the question now is: “Is it over”? This morning, we posted a chart of the VIX from last Friday’s close.   The above question was: […]

Institutional Investors core holdings now showing a double breach …

TweetWatch the Institutional Investor’s “core holdings” … The “core holdings” held by Institutional Investors are now showing a double breach and “in between” condition. A double breach of what? A double breach of its rising wedge pattern because the value of the “core holdings” has closed below and above the rising wedge’s support and resistance […]

The Accumulation levels on the NYA Index showing a Danger Possibility.

TweetDanger, but Hanging on by a Thread? Below is our tracking of Accumulation levels on the NYA Index (the NYSE Index). The Accumulation levels on the NYA Index had a down tick that was below its red AND gray trend lines which was a Danger Possibility. But … it was still in a mixed trending […]

Is there an addiction to QE money?

TweetIs there an addiction to QE money? Some say that “common sense” is gone and the “more” addiction is kicking in. Take a look at this 10 month chart of the NYA Index.   If you note labels 1 and 2, it shows a “double top” where the NYA Index was not able to move beyond […]

Not so good … is the wedge pattern on the SPY’s weekly chart.

TweetNot so good … is the wedge pattern on the SPY’s weekly chart. Yes, the short term Inflowing Liquidity has been positive and up trending.  The affect of the Liquidity can be seen on this weekly chart of the SPY.   As expected, the SPY has been moving higher, but is getting very close to its […]

This is a high Caution Condition …

TweetUPDATED:  Take a careful look at this S&P 500 chart … Today’s updated chart shows the percentage of S&P 500 stocks with a 20 day RSI at a positive or negative level.  (Remember that, on a standard RSI indicator, it is really Neutral when the RSI is at a level of 50.   Above 50 would […]

Should you thank the Federal Reserve???

TweetIt’s a good thing and a bad thing at the same time.   What are we talking about? The market is showing definite stress signs, but on the shorter term, more QE money is still moving into the stock market.   (Jesse Livermore had it right … “The stock market is about money.   Money flows in and […]

These breaches show market instability, avoid complacency …

TweetToday’s chart shows the inverted VIX tracking with the NYA Index. There are a few things to observe on this inverted VIX chart … (Note: We inverted the VIX so it would track in the same direction as the NYA Index.) First, the VIX broke above its inverted triangular formation two Monday’s ago (May 12th.)   […]